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The Power of Book Summaries

There’s no question that businesses need to be on social media. It’s a place where customers can find out what you do, where you are, why you do it, and how to contact you. It tells people that your business is legitimate, trustworthy, and worth supporting. In 2021, having a website or online content is the only way someone will discover you online.

With multiple social profiles spread around the internet, it helps to have one central place where your current readers and new readers alike can find you. See seven ways a book summary platform like is great for promoting your book.

With you can unify your online presence across platforms with one multi-functional domain name.

1. All your social media in one place

By having all your social accounts linked in your author profile visitors can easily find and follow you, increasing the ability you have to reach them.

2. Contact buttons, headers, and Google map links

One of the easiest ways to lose a customer is to make it difficult for them to engage with your content or contact you. On your Author profile page we prominently display your social media buttons right at the top of your page so customers can look at your content, go to your website, and purchase your book directly where it is selling online. If you have multiple locations you can include additional buttons in the link section.

3. Showcase your video summaries, book summaries, and audio summaries

With our embed feature you can show off your summaries right on your page, giving the app users a complete understanding of your book.

4. One-click like follow & subscribe

By using our special one-click social buttons your customers can Like your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter, and Subscribe to your YouTube channel without leaving your author profile. This allows you to increase your following and reach more readers reliably with your social media marketing efforts.

5. List your links sales, products, and more

Beyond just linking your other social media accounts, you can also link your company’s website, the link to purchase your book(s), a place to leave a review, your product catalog, or anything else that has a URL.

6. Capture customer emails

With our simple one field email capture your profile visitors can quickly sign up for your email list through We have provided ways to integrate with your email provider so the emails go directly into your list or can be forwarded to where you set up email blasts and other powerful automations.

7. Utilize Analytics

Track page views and link clicks on our profile page and in your summaries so you can run more targeted campaigns to those already engaging with you.

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